Guest Control/Access

Verkada Guest is a visitor management system that simplifies check–in while strengthening security. With features like touchless check–in, customized flows by guest type and an intuitive interface to manage visitor activity, visitor management has never been easier.

And because it’s built within the Verkada Command platform, visitor management is now more secure. Guest enables organizations to better manage the visitor experience, from check–in to check–out. By integrating visitor management with cameras and door access control, users can review footage of visitor activity and remotely unlock doors for specific guests.

To strengthen customers’ oversight of their campuses and sites, Guest also offers an optional security screen feature. Within Guest, administrators can enable additional screening for sex offenders, alerting staff to those who pose a risk to children, students and staff. Electronically screening visitors through the Verkada Guest kiosk allows schools and other organizations to gather more information to better control access to their sites.

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Environmental/Vape Sensors

Verkada’s sensors are all-in-one-sensor devices that deliver a proactive, real-time and secure way to monitor, understand and act on complex environmental conditions across every type of indoor space. Designed for accuracy, speed and synthesis, the SV series environmental sensors monitor environmental conditions to identify important information and provide organizations with simplified, real-time tools and insights so they can protect populated spaces, monitor critical assets, catch targeted incidents and more.

Video Verification Alarms

Available for all Verkada camera models, People Analytics combines intelligent edge–based video processing with computer vision in the cloud to give users high–quality images of all individuals identified in the scene. Using People Analytics, customers can filter people by various attributes and expedite investigations.

This combines with Verkada Video Verification Teams, who observe when an alarm is triggered and review video to asses the situation for true alerts or false positives. Allowing false alarms to be labeled properly, and true emergencies to be understdood faster and more accurately.

Single Pane of Glass – Command

Verkada Access Control combines simplified, enterprise–grade access control hardware with an integrated, cloud-based management platform for a solution that’s always simple, secure and ready for scale. Put simply, ease of use and peace of mind, all in one place.

Audio/Video Intercom

Verkada’s Intercom solution allows organizations to enhance security and answer calls from anywhere with sharp video, clear audio, four smart receiver methods and intuitive management and security tools in Verkada Command.

Command, Verkada’s cloud-based management software, is designed to serve as an all–in–one hub for managing Verkada Intercoms. From Command, users can add and configure intercom devices, add users and schedules and set up smart call routing logic to align with daily business operations. Command allows users to answer and review calls and access advanced insights from Verkada’s security features and manage their intercom devices.