With significant amounts of money at stake, casinos are targets for false liability claims and crime. Get the detailed evidence you need to avoid false claims, protect assets and keep your guests safe, with end-to-end solutions.

Unsurpassed image detail of every card table.

End-to-end solutions provide unparalleled image detail, allowing you to confidently see every table and every card on your entire casino floor. Zoom in close to identify suspicious activity with no loss in clarity. Prevent loss with evidence-quality footage.

Incredible surveillance control and scalability.

Manage every system detail from end-to-end. Scale casino surveillance as needed. Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software can manage any number of cameras on any casino floor.

True seamless integration? Bet on it.

Avigilon’s open system platform allows you to connect seamlessly with your casino’s existing architecture, giving you the freedom to leverage the systems you already have. Now you can easily link criminal incidents and activity to specific points in time.

Leverage existing assets. Upgrade when you’re ready.

Utilize the power of Avigilon’s H.264 video encoder to get HD-quality footage with your existing analog system. You’ll get the benefits of an IP system, without the cost, giving you the freedom and flexibility to upgrade from analog to digital when you’re ready.

Monitor parking lot activity to keep guests safe.

Your guests mean a lot to you. So, keep them safe and maintain a watchful eye on parking lot activity to reduce vehicle theft and keep crime low.

Manage access to restricted areas from anywhere.

Avigilon Access Control Manager is web-based, so you can manage access to restricted areas from anywhere with an internet connection. You’re no longer tied to a single workstation or control room.

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