Cannabis Security

End-to-End Security for Your Cannabis Business

From cultivation to manufacturing, testing, transportation and dispensing companies, security will not only be a fundamental component to business success, it will also serve as required factor in facilitating efficient operations that help comply with regulations. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on Missouri regulations for the medical marijuana industry.

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Take advantage of your current network by connecting IP video surveillance to it. Strategic installation offers a clear view of people and dispensary or cultivation facilities. Surveillance signage can deter criminal acts. Images captured in high definition can be used to identify individuals and as evidence.

Assign levels of facility and area access based on a person’s role or function with an access control system. Paired with video surveillance, it allows for active dispensary or cultivation facility monitoring and recording suspicious activity. Integrating access control and video provides centralized control for easy administration and management. Card credential, key fob, smart phone app and biometric control systems are options available to match your operation.

Digitally log the comings and goings of visitors to your facility to conquer the challenges
associated with maintaining privacy, safety and regulatory compliance.

Receive recommendations for the newest options in defense devices, which are carefully
evaluated based your dispensary or cultivation facility’s needs and layout.