Resources to help protect your employees and customers during the pandemic.

At ADS, your safety is our priority. Utilizing latest security technology, you can take control of your business and learn to prevent the spread of infection, protect your employees and customers, and respond before damage is done.


Leveraging AI analytics on video security cameras to limit occupancy rates, identify if people are wearing face masks and uphold social distancing guidelines.


Using body-worn cameras on essential service workers to deter public aggression against front line workers and first responders. Protecting safety of workers.


Contact tracing using access control solutions. Identify where individuals who are infected have been and responding accordingly. Detecting elevated skin temperatures at the place of work using security grade thermal cameras. Responding to curb the spread.

Technology to ensure the health and safety of staff and customers

Just a few of the technologies we offer for your business.

Available in ACC 7.6.4 connected to Avigilon Cloud Services.

Video analytics embedded within H4A, H5A, or third-party cameras connected to an Avigilon AI Appliance.
Analytic detects when a person crosses an entry/exit point and displays the number of people in a facility on a dashboard to indicate whether occupancy limit has been reached or not, informing control measures around entry. Occupancy dashboard can be viewed on any device that can display a web page. Avigilon Cloud Service connection is required to see dashboards from a web browser.


Remove the staffing costs required to manually count people and the subsequent guesswork on occupancy rates. Understand hot spots and high traffic entry or exit points that require corrective measures to manage occupancy rates. Occupancy Counting supports social distancing guidelines by limiting the number of people in a facility, thereby reducing interactions between them.

Edge-based video analytics on H4A and H5A cameras.

Analytic detects if a person is not wearing a face mask. Automated alerts in ACC, Radio Alert, ACC Mobile 3. Run reports to determine levels of compliance across the organization (dept, time of day, etc.). Avigilon Appearance Search technology can help you determine all other areas where face mask policy violators may have visited within you facility, based on physical attributes.


Prevent community transmissions amongst employees and customers. Analytics automate monitoring and detection of violations. Notifications proactively alert you to unsafe practices. Understand compliance levels to determine if corrective action or further education is necessary.

*Facemask detection requires a server equipped with a GPU

Video analytics embedded within H5A cameras.

Analytic determines the proximity of one person to another person. No alerts, alarms or notifications in Focus of Attention. Generate reports of where and when social distancing violations occur.


Visual evidence and statistical patterns on where and when social distancing protocols are breached. Understand frequency, hotspots and high-traffic zones for insights into where facilities require additional attention. Improve ability for employees to abide by social distancing guidelines. Understand compliance levels to determine if corrective action or further education is necessary.

Businesses can provide the necessary safety and security measures for their front line workers.

Presence of recording device encourages a positive effect on the behavior of citizens, deters aggression, and often de-escalates situations. Cameras can connect to Avigilon Control Center, prompting security staff to incidents with a live video stream, allowing real-time situational awareness.

Identity Correlation Report as a native feature in ACM 6.6

Forensically retract steps of known infected identities. Reports on all locations where a potentially infectious identity has been, along with all other identities who have been in the same locations for a specified period of time.

ACM-ACC unification validate report findings with video

Identity Search confirms contact with doors that the person in question attempted to access. Appearance Search helps expand search to understand other facility areas where the person may have visited.


Quickly determine contaminated entry-way surfaces (e.g. door handles). Re-trace chain-of-events from initial point of contamination. Prevent further contamination from initial point of contamination.

Respond with targeted hygiene and safety measures

Quarantine the infected employee. Gather potentially exposed employees for testing. Increase sanitization of potentially contaminated areas.

Security-grade thermal cameras can provide high throughput screening for persons with elevated skin temperatures as a precursor to additional screening

Cameras may be coupled with a black body uniform temperature source device set as a threshold reference temperature of 98.6 Fahrenheit to read the thermal signature of a person’s skin temperature. Intended to be a complement to medical-grade devices and professional opinion.


High throughput free-flow screening as an additional layer to existing physical screening performed by a nurse. Alert to the presence of a person with elevated skin temperature. Screening at access conduct additional screening if a person’s temperature doesn’t fall within a prescribed range.


Openpath contactless mobile access control technology allows for a complete hands-free access control experience. With Openpath, your mobile device acts as a token and grants entry without needing to take your device out of your pocket or bag.

Remote System Management

Manage your database from any web browser, on any device, wherever you are. With Openpath’s patented¬†Triple Unlock Technology,¬†you will never need to worry if the internet is down or cell service is weak.