Increasing school security is a tall order for K-12 educators. Unfortunately, school-targeted attacks are on the rise across the nation, and educators are responsible for more than just educating kids. They must ensure students are safe throughout the school day. This is a new, complex set of responsibilities most educators just don’t have the experience to address. We all want to keep our children safe. So getting advice and solutions from security experts can be a major help in protecting young students.


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At American Digital Security, we specialize in providing end-to-end electronic security systems for K-12 schools that prepare them for a variety of threats, including active shooters. Our experience in designing and installing cutting-edge security systems enables us to advise schools on how to choose the latest and best solutions.

Providing Security for K-12 Has Its Challenges

K-12 educators face a variety of security challenges these days, including:

  • School-targeted attacks: Preventing school shootings is a top priority. To meet this challenge, you need solutions designed by experts who will spot weak points school shooters may exploit, know how to leverage the newest and most effective technology and ensure equipment is integrated and in working order throughout a campus.
  • Child pick-up authorization: Schools must ensure that every child gets picked up from school and that only authorized adults are doing the picking up.
  • Student violence: Often, schools must protect students from violence committed by other students. According to the National School Boards Association, “For every school-related shooting, there are nearly 10,000 violent assaults.” Students need a security network with increased uptime so staff can keep an eye on potential problems.
  • Inconsistent existing equipment installations: Schools have a mix of older and newer buildings, all of which must use the same security infrastructure. Installing such a comprehensive system requires certified, knowledgeable engineers.
  • A lack of information: K-12 institutions often do not have a security professional on staff. They may lack the expertise needed to not only install systems, but to know what functionalities are needed, what new technology is available or when something is going wrong.

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ADS Electronic School Security Solutions

ADS electronic security solutions give educators the tools they need to protect students, teachers, and property. This makes schools safer and shows parents how administrators are taking action to protect their children. We have many reliable solutions that can help you increase your school’s level of security.

Video Surveillance

We assess your campus to locate unwatched areas and place cameras where they can secure at-risk spots. Our extensive foundation of manufacturer relationships offer the latest in IP video and video management system (VMS) technology.

Access Control

Control who gets into your school environment with ADS access control solutions, including IP-based video integration, access control software analytics, wireless technology and controlled gate access.

Custom Identification Credentials

Our comprehensive identity management systems provide end-to-end security. From traditional prox cards to smart cards with integrated chip technology, our solutions can identify legitimate members of your organization and weed out impostors.

Door Solutions

Have our engineers assess your current door and frame assembly to design custom electronic door technology solutions for you. Our solutions are adaptable, scalable and open to integration with additional security platforms.

Emergency Notification

Our communication systems give you confidence by performing when you need them most. A school-wide communications systems can notify students, faculty and security administration of important alerts, even during emergencies.

Intrusion Protection

Our top-quality alarm systems keep careful watch over your campus, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. We can customize perimeter protection, intrusion detection sensors, systems and services to fit your school’s specific needs.

We also track, optimize and maintain the functionality of all electronic security systems throughout their entire lifecycle and allow you to control all installed hardware from a single dashboard.

Electronic Security Can Help Keep Your Students Safe

School safety is an issue that affects our lives and those of our children. We can design, install and maintain an electronic security system that helps you better secure your campus and gives you greater control over security capabilities and equipment. Contact us and let’s talk about how we can help your school next.