Here at American Digital Security, we specialize in Surveillance. With a proven track record and consistency in product line up, rest assured we will help find the best solution that fits your needs.

We believe that Surveillance is the best choice for your security needs. Cameras can offer up to 20x the quality of existing systems and help provide details of faces, license plates, or whatever else you need to see. Easily out classing analog in terms of quality and function, you can see the difference for yourself. We primarily support Avigilon as our suggested end-to-end solution. Below you will find some information regarding their specific camera lineup.

Our video security, cloud and access control solutions are integrated and powered by AI to provide you with the right information at the right time — so you can take decisive action.

Advanced Video Surveillance Solutions

From traditional local video surveillance to cutting-edge IP systems and cloud-based storage options, ADS can design, install, service, and monitor the right video system for your needs. With our expertise, we’ll deliver the right video surveillance solution for your needs, including:

  • IP and analog camera systems
  • Local, network, and cloud-based video storage options
  • Video monitoring
  • Video alarm verification
  • Live view video on-the-go
  • Advanced video analytics capabilities & reporting
  • Integration with intrusion, access control, and more

American Digital Security Video Surveillance and Monitoring Services Can Help You:

Reduce Loss

One of the best ways to reduce loss is to prevent intrusions from occurring altogether.

Document Events & Improve Employee Safety

Our systems are an essential component in helping create a safe environment for your staff and customers, and protect your business.

Gain Visibility

Knowing what’s happening at your locations provides you with better information, and ultimately, improved security.

Ensure Optimum Performance

Rest assured that your video surveillance system is functioning properly and delivering the maximum benefit to your business.