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Since 2002, ADS has provided security solutions to over 2,000 businesses, schools, and government facilities across dozens of industries. With our resources and expertise, we are able to ensure that you are getting the best security system to protect you, your staff, and your visitors.

Versatility for Any Industry

We understand that no two businesses are the same. Healthcare, education, manufacturing, food service, retail, offices, and city security is just a fraction of the industries we work in.

No matter your product or service, ADS is fully equipped to service the specific challenges your industry faces. With our process, we will identify those specific challenges and develop a process and security system tailored to fit your exact needs.

Some Of Our Projects

Olathe Public Schools had met with various integrators and manufacturers during 2013, trying to determine what video surveillance system they wanted to put in their elementary schools.

In 2014, they issued a RFP and received multiple responses. After scoring these responses, ADS was awarded the project. The following year, OPS issued a RFP for the middle schools. Again, multiple responses were received, and after scoring them, ADS was awarded the project.

During these installations, OPS asked ADS to install a single building of access control for evaluation. Afterwards, it was decided the new system was preferred over their existing, resulting in a slow transition as funds are available.

Currently, ADS has installed over 1200 cameras and 300 access control doors across 60 district buildings and has continued to work closely with OPS to design and install systems in several new buildings and looks forward to continuing to do so in the future.

Kansas City Art Institute hired a new Director of Security, LaVern Fields, in 2016. LaVern’s previous position was the Director of Security for Olathe Public Schools, where he worked closely with ADS and they systems they deployed there. Upon arriving at KCAI, he found the Video Surveillance and Access Control systems to be antiquated and poorly maintained.

At the time, the vendor was servicing them from St. Louis, so not only were there delays in service, they were also rather expensive to call out. After realizing the severity of the situation, LaVern called ADS out for site walkthroughs.

ADS gathered a full understanding of what they had – and more importantly – what they really needed. ADS worked closely together to design new systems that would fit in with
their updated policies and procedures to provide additional safety to their students, staff and security personnel. They are an avid user of the analytics features on the Avigilon cameras – so they can keep a closer, more accurate, eye on their campus. The flexibility and ease of use they received from replacing the access control system has allowed them to keep up on the access they allow their students and staff to have (before it was too cumbersome and they allowed people in where they didn’t really need to be, and also didn’t make changes in a timely manner).

ADS has installed over 150 cameras and access control doors and truly enjoys building a solid partnership with KCAI.


Struggling with poor service provided by a competitor for their existing Avigilon security system, the Kansas City Chiefs sought a new security company and ADS answered the call.

Beginning with servicing their system, ADS went on to conducting full installations of new cameras and upgrading existing ones.

Over the last five years, ADS has developed a strong relationship with the Kansas City Chiefs and now has over 300 cameras and 150 access control doors in Arrowhead stadium and continues to provide them top-of-the line security.

In 2017, a current ADS customer recommended our services to the facilities and security department of Sporting KC, beginning a strong partnership that continues today.

In winter 2017, ADS rewired all access control doors at Children’s Mercy Park over a 2-and-a-half-month period before the season’s first game. They had a proprietary access control system that was end-of-life and required replacement.



Since then, ADS has gone on to provide installation and service for all Sporting KC facilities which includes 300 cameras and 300 access control enabled doors across Children’s Mercy Park, Pinnacle National Training Center, WyCo Fields, and Swope Park Training Center.


Before ADS, Kansas City Public Schools only had security systems installed in their high schools provided by a competitor. They found the current system they were using was not up to their standards and sought other companies.

After winning the bid, ADS began on a $5.5 million video surveillance and access control project for over 30 buildings starting with a site visit to understand what they had and what they needed.

Currently, ADS has installed and serviced over 2000 cameras, 700 card reader doors, and over 200 exterior alarm monitoring doors.

Since 2014, ADS has fostered a strong relationship with the school district and continues to provide their security solutions with the latest technology.

Kansas City Kansas Public Schools contacted ADS in 2013. They were looking for a contractor who could add on to their existing video surveillance and entry systems exactly how they wanted them (Axis & Aiphone).

ADS met and provided the exact systems they needed in three small buildings. After reviewing our work in these first three buildings, they were very impressed, and made ADS their primary contractor for their video surveillance and entry systems.

In fact, they came to us in the fall of 2013 with a new project to design and install 1200 cameras in less than six months. We setup a precise schedule, and were able to complete the walkthroughs and design, followed promptly by the installation.

ADS transitioned KCKPS to a new video surveillance and entry system that would allow them a more enterprise level of features and ease the management of both system while also
providing additional features.

After several years of building a relationship and trust, KCKPS then recruited us to begin replacing their outdated access control system. This system was replaced over the course of a few years as funds were made available. KCKPS also enlisted us as a partner in their 2016 Bond work over a five-year span. This included designing systems with Architects, Engineers, to ensure KCKPS gets what they want.

In 2015, Boone County reached out to ADS about installing product at their government buildings.

After meeting ADS, Boone County was able to get Boone County signed up on the TIPS contract – allowing them to utilize a state buying contract so they do not have to go out to bid. After the state contract was decided on, Boone County purchased their product from ADS rather than from another vendor.

Since then, ADS has installed over 200 cameras and 250 access control doors across all 12 of their buildings and continues to provide them the best quality security solutions as well as foster a strong partnership with Boone County.

In 2018, a previous ADS customer was hired at Butler County Community College and contacted ADS when they were looking for a new security vendor.

After winning the RFP, ADS got to work on a project in which ADS installed over 350 cameras and 200 access control enabled doors at the El Dorado Campus’ 19 buildings. After delivering exactly what BCCC needed, ADS began on a 150 camera and 150 access control enabled door project for the Andover campus’ 5000s building. In this building, ADS utilized the Schlage AD400 wireless lock on 140 of the 150 doors for ease of install and give BCC the ability to lock all classroom doors.

ADS continues to provide BCCC for all of their security solutions and has a very strong relationship with them.

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