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Fire safety is a fundamental mandate for every enterprise, facility, campus and municipality. Fire safety begins with fire detection, and as a long time expert in all things safety, ADS is here to provide service, installation, testing & inspection of your fire detection system.

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An efficient fire detection system begins with a carefully designed system catered towards your specific needs.


Installation of fire safety systems using the latest technology developments to set the bar higher with systems that are more configurable, more scalable and more automated to help you protect your people and assets.


Our NICET certified technicians are here to perform a comprehensive inspection of your fire system to keep up with the current NFPA codes.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Detecting a fire early can mean the difference between losing everything and keeping loss and damage to a minimum. That’s why it pays to count on ADS for 24/7 alarm monitoring.

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Comprehensive Fire Alarm Inspection Service

During our fire alarm inspection, our trained and experienced technicians will:

  • Test the control panel functions including lamps, LEDs, check fuses, interface equipment and primary power.
  • Test & clean smoke detectors with approved aerosol.

  • Test manual pull stations through a full range of motion and verify the proper signal was received at the alarm panel.

  • Test heat detectors with a heat gun and verify proper alarm activation at the fire alarm control panel.

  • Test and inspect all audible and visual devices to ensure that they are unobstructed, proper lights activate, and the sound level is above ambient noise levels.

  • Load test-standby batteries and check auxiliary functions such as door release and damper release.

  • Test remote annunciator to verify it accurately portrays where the alarm exists in the protected premises.

  • Test duct detectors and ensure proper unit shutdown, if applicable.

  • Check any auxiliary devices that may exit and are listed on the equipment list included in this contract.

  • Test the smoke detector sensitivity initially and every other year thereafter according to NFPA requirements.

  • Test alarm devices located in the elevator shafts (a representative from the elevator company service company is required to be present).